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Declaration Orders We Will NOT Obey -

Wow... simply Wow.
Thank God for Oath Keepers!!!

RUGER's new model SR-1911  Just found another reason to stay with Ruger products!


Simple message from an Arizona college professor….to the point!

Nice And Simple.... The person in this video is a professor (Ph.D.) at Yavapai College in

Prescott , Arizona . He casts a different light on what Obama is doing to “help”Arizona .

He repeats the important parts and speaks slowly enough to allow you to follow what he's saying;

Must be why he's rated highly by his students - 3.8 on a 4.0 scale.

This is one of the best videos produced on problem of illegal immigration.

Margaret Thatcher on Socialism, We need more politicians like her NOW

I am so sick and tired of this crap! 


"a teacher allegedly told him that hanging his picture of the American flag would offend another student."

Well too effing bad for the other student! He's in America, and he's going to get offended every damn time he goes to school, or a post office, police station, court house, or Marine's house, for pity sake!





This is one of the greatest speeches I ever heard
Agenda 21 For Dummies
Here's a video I made in tribute to the bravest of the brave who died on August 6th 2011 in Afghanistan


Our Monthly Meeting

Our scheduled monthly membership meetings are held on the 4th Sunday of each month
Time: 2pm
The Salem Church Branch of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library
2607 Salem Church Road
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

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