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Spot on the mark.  If we go down, there is no where else to turn to for the freedoms we have.


So if I wear a Glenn Beck shirt and buy a gun, will I be turned in at Walmart?

The Leftist Loons have really lost it, this is a video taken by Andrew Breitbart and shown on Glenn Beck's show. 


Left calling the Tea Party racists, but they call for hangings, dismemberment... and generally look stoned.


Proud to be on the RIGHT

A Great Common Sense view of the Federal Budget!!!

Click Here to view the Tea Party Express Town Hall meeting in DC on 8 Feb 2011


Great Video, Keep the Faith Patriots!!!
Allen West speaks at the South Florida 9-12 org's 2 year anniversary picnic. Insufficient, gutless leaders and their tactics were called out, and standing orders to vote for principled candidates and hold them accountable were reinforced.

Click the link to see the video of the Continuing Revolution Rally that was held in Washington DC on 31 March 2011

Here is a short 2min recap of the event. Notice our FredPat flag flying in the background.

Here's a short clip on the TODAY Show, with Dave and our flag... look at the 6 minute mark or so.


Dave on TODAY

Another Koran burning... this time in Colorado.  The woman, reads selected passages from the Koran, marked in bacon, before tearing the page out and firing it up.


Is this "radicalism" in America?  Most likely yes. 

Did she have the Right to do so, in America?  Yes. 

Will she face reprisals from our government and Muslims?   Again, Yes.

Was she wrong in burning the Koran, and more importantly, did she place our troops, already in combat, in any more danger, by doing so?  NO... and anyone that thinks this woman further endangered our men and women who are fighting right now, is a fool. 

If anything, it pissed off the enemy, and I'd much rather have a mad enemy than a clam rational one any day, because the mad ones always screw up the fight.


Here is part 2, where she burns the Koran.  I might note that at the end of it all she actually states her address and number.  Brave or stupid, she's got more guts than a squad of Marines.


Part 2 of ANn Barnhardt


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