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We Can't All Be Washingtons, But We Can All Be Patriots!

The Constitution’s guarantee that U.S. citizens shall enjoy a republican form of government presupposes that we will be able to choose among representatives dedicated to making and enforcing laws for the common good. A look at recent Virginia history, however, shows that very often voters have no choice at all in general elections, and even more rarely in deciding who will appear on their November ballots.

If we are to have a chance of returning to the ideals of a Constitutionally-limited government, we must do a better job of identifying, nominating, and supporting solid Constitutional conservatives in the first 6 months of the year.Both houses of the Virginia General Assembly are on the edge of falling under the control of an entirely new generation of liberal activists who would change forever our 400-year-old Commonwealth. Democrats are eager to finish the makeover of the General Assembly that they almost accomplished in 2017. We cannot blame them for fielding candidates in most if not all 100 House and Senate Districts. We can blame ourselves if we do not work toward the same goal.

If you already have declared candidates in your House and Senate Districts who deserve your support, your work is not done. You need to help educate and encourage friends, colleagues, and relatives in other parts of the state on the critical importance of finding and nominating good candidates. This can be a hard job, since running for and serving in public office can be a great sacrifice for energetic, productive people. Standing up for principles that we all took for granted just a few years ago can today result in ending careers. Yet somehow, we find patriots who are willing to risk not only their careers, but their lives, by joining the military, law enforcement and other life-risking professions for the good of society.

What is it that we can do to help fill the ballot gap between those who want to use their office for personal or political gain, and those who truly want to serve the citizenry by living up to their Constitutional duties?
Educate yourself on what is required to get on the ballot. That might mean going to meetings of the political party of your choice to find out what the options are and to have a voice in the process. Speak up against policies that have the effect of limiting the ability of first-time candidates to have a fair shot. If you have previous experience running or running in a political campaign, offer your advice and your contact information. Small donations can go a long way for someone running a grassroots campaign, but so can letters to the editor, Blog posts, FACEBOOK likes, etc.

If you have ideas, comments, or questions, please feel free to contact me.

Lester Gabriel
Stafford County

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