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Atlas Shrugged Part 1 came out on Tues. on DVD and Blu-Ray.

I picked up the Blu-Ray edition and was wondering if there is interest in watching it as a group.  I have not seen the movie myself yet so cannot comment on the quality but the book it is based on is very influencial in fiscal conservative circles.  If there is not interest in watching it as a group I'd be happy to loan in out to group members who may like to see it.  If there is an issue with being able to play Blu-Rays for a group showing my laptop has a blu-ray drive and HDMI out if there is a projector or large TV I can connect it to.

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One would not be able to show this publicly "as a group" unless one purchases a public performance rights license (PPR) from the copyright owner ahead of time. I believe circulating it privately among friends with no money or other value changing hands is acceptable. Use of short segments totaling less than 10% of the entire film is also acceptable for fair use and educational purposes. Someone more knowledgeable on copyright law may be able to clarify these points further.

If you are going to the meeting Tues evening and stood up and explained what you have, I'm not sure that if a few people came to your house as a result, that it would constitue a "group" for purposes of the copyright law.  Maybe someone at the meeting might know for sure.

I concur with Lester. When you start advertising and getting dozens of people etc. that's when potential problems could develop. Private, small groups of "friends" should be fine...


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