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I was at the last Fredericksburg gun show and at the Patriots booth they had a "Don't Tread on Me" license plate sample and DMV form for the special tag. I took the form with me to the DMV and the guy working at the DMV informed me that that tag was not available. I have been checking the VA DMV website but there is nothing there either. Does anyone know what the status in on the Don't Tread on Me license plates or how I can go about getting one? Thanks

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350 prepaid applications are needed to establish the plates through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.  I think we are close to that number so as soon as we hit 350 DMV will produce the plates.  You can go to this website to get more info,



Good deal, Thanks Dave;^) I get my app and $ in ASAP.



Do you know what the count is in the plates? I have sent it two applications.

I'll call Richmond tomorrow and find out

DMV has information about the plate but doesn't give a release date.

Here is an additional update.

The bill passed the Legislature and was signed by the Governor. It becomes law on July 1, 2011. Applications will be turned in at that time...then it is up to DMV. They will do a prototype before mfg and since it is a very simple plate the hope is that we will have them in the mail sometime this fall.


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