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The following motion will be presented by the BOD at the 7 Feb 2012 meeting for approval by the general membership.  We spent significant time to try and capture all the comments, concerns and recommendations of our members as well as ensure we have a process which will work, not just this time, but for future elections as well.


Pre Primary: 

  1. The BOD will establish a Vetting Committee with a minimum of 3 members.
  2. The Vetting Committee will look at all Candidates that have declared for an office in which the Patriots have an interest to endorse.
  3. The vetting committee will screen candidates for basic adherence to FVP core values.  The screened list will then be put before the paid General Membership for vote at a General Membership meeting. 
  4. Paid General Membership will vote on each candidate individually to determine if they will be a Tea Party Approved Candidate. 
  5. Candidates receiving 2/3 Majority vote will become FVP Approved Candidates.  Approval status is not limited by number.  Any or all candidates could become FVP Approved Candidates.
  6. Approved candidates will be eligible for endorsement.
  7. The Approved Candidate ranked highest by the Vetting Committee will be put forth for an endorsement to the paid General Membership.
  8. If the candidate recommended for endorsement receives a 2/3 vote of the Paid General Membership, they will become the FVP Endorsed Candidate for that race.
  9. Failure for Candidate to receive a 2/3 paid General Membership Vote will end the Endorsement Process for the Primary.
  10. The FVP can/will provide a variety of non-monetary support to FVP Endorsed Candidates.  This could include signature gathering, door knocking, publicity, and other support.
  11. The FVP reserves the right to revoke the endorsement with a 2/3 vote of the Paid General Membership


After The Primary: 

  1. An approved Candidate who wins the Primary would automatically become the FVP Endorsed Candidate for the general Election.

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I am in favor of this process, and here are my thoughts:

Approved Candidates:   Jamie Radtke

                                                        Delegate Bob Marshall

                                                        E.W. Jackson

                                                        David McCormick


Vote to Endorse:                 Jamie Radtke



It is time we return to the concept of a citizen legislature, where after a time of service our elected officials are required to return to one of the industries they have participated in regulating.  Furthermore, I am opposed to returning anyone to Washington who participated in the process that led the United States to the financial brink we currently face.  I am opposed to George Allen because he served during a time when Republicans controlled both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue, and they did not lead to reduce our spending or tie our spending to a percentage of revenue.  We are living in a time when we need bold new leadership – and those who did not lead to prevent this mess we face today their party controlled both sides should not be given another chance to serve simply based on name recognition, money in the bank or the contacts.


During the course of the last year, I have had multiple conversations with each of the candidates who are challenging George Allen in the VA GOP Primary in June.  I believe each of them are solid citizens and have great ideas.  I think all of the four have the desire to be a servant leader, who will serve for a time and then return to private industry, or in the case of those that are over 60, retire after one or two terms. 


While each of the four are articulate, I choose to endorse Jamie Radtke because not only is she articulate, she has solid ideas and she has a history of challenging the Republican Party.  We need leaders who are willing to challenge their friends – and Jamie is not afraid to do that.  I also choose to endorse Jamie Radtke because she has built an organization that can pose a viable challenge to George Allen.  When you study FEC Reports, her signature ballot game plan, and speak with grassroots activists around the Commonwealth – it is clear, in my opinion, that she is the only one that has the organization to definitely get on the ballot.  After the Presidential experience in Virginia during December, this should be a very important factor when we decide who to endorse.


Finally, I choose Jamie because I have witnessed first-hand the influence she has.  I cannot go into great detail here, but I have observed the tremendous influence she has around the state, which is significant, yet she is humble and always available to listen to others.  I sincerely hope you will join me in not only voting to endorse Jamie Radtke – but to help do the work that guarantees she gets on the ballot.


I also recommend that all of the candidates with the exception of George Allen be voted as Approved candidates.  I think it is premature to make recommendations for Endorsement because only those receiving a vote as an Approved candidate would be eligible for endorsement.


Our Monthly Meeting

Our scheduled monthly membership meetings are held on the 4th Sunday of each month
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