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Our paper ran a Letter to the Editor..[ 6/30/2010], stating.... Racism amoung Tea it... It is "Insulting to the Group!

I believe our Fredericksburg Tea Party group must respond to this somehow! Also, we should and do

invite "all" to our general meeting !



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Click here to go directly to the letter. No where in the letter does he mention why the tea party is racist, not one example.
I fear that the word harmony is not a pat of Mr. Reynolds' vocabulary. Any one who can paint, with a broad brush, the entire Tea Party movement as a bunch of racists has little concern for harmony and understands nothing about the Tea Parties. We will just have to contend with racists like Mr Reynolds for some time to come. I would hope that the likes of Mr. Reynolds, would attend one of our meetings before he recklessly presents his wild and unfounded accusations.

Wayne Winslow - Chairman
I am planning a meeting with the Editor of the FLS, in the hpe ofpresenting a rebuttal to the unfounded attacks on the Tea Parties.
W. Winslow, Chairman
This type of response to our movement is something that will unfortunately continue. Only by our firm, non-violent, and respectfull attitude and response will we overcome this stereotype. This will take time and demand patience and persistence. I also liked the video link provided by Cherish Freedom:


Our Monthly Meeting

Our scheduled monthly membership meetings are held on the 4th Sunday of each month
Time: 2pm
The Salem Church Branch of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library
2607 Salem Church Road
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

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