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Petition to Remove Obama 2012 from Central Park Office front on Central Blvd.

I would like to petition for the removal of the Obama 2012 from the front of the building on Central Park  Blvd across from Chuck E. Cheese.  I am deeply offended by this storefront, or whatever it is (campaign headqaurters) and feel it is destructive to our community.  Just like the 10 Commandments are offensive to some in our government, this burns me to the core. 

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Who will thepetition be addressed to?  At some point, it will be necessary to find out who is responsible, and maybe a group of us could go talk to them.  If they are a local business, they might be responsive to some publicity.

Hey Lester, I have to bite my tongue and just ask them who they are, and what's their intent.  I guess they fall under free speech, but you and I both know, if it was a Romney store front, someone would be up in arms.  At some point we have to start making it harder for Liberals to get their socialist message circulated.  November will be here soon enough, and we need to make sure we can say we did everything we could to get this clown out of office, and if that means disrupting every N'Obama supporter we come in contact with, then so be it.  i'm sure the Fredericksburg City Council will vote in favor of the store front, but I'm going to look for loopholes to maybe get it removed.  Thanks for the reply.


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