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During the month of January, we have invited all the GOP and Independent Senate candidates to come address our members.  The event is being co-hosted by the Spotsy GOP.  Questions will be selected from those suggested by our members.  If you have a question you would like to see asked, please list it below.  We will review them prior to the debate and select the questions of greatest interest to the general membership.  We encourage you to attend and invite your friends and neighbors.  The first forum will be Jan 10th at the Fredericksburg (not Salem Church, but downtown) library with David McCormick.

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Some potential questions:

Do you support allowing young people to opt out of Social Security and how would you solve our impending Social Security insolvency?

What comprehensive solutions do you support regarding immigration?

Is the US shift from a manufacturing/production based economy to a service economy a concern to you and/or a security issue for our country?  If so, what should we do to resolve it.

What is your proposal for revamping our tax system?

Our congress is roughly 50/50 with conservatives and liberals.  Even if you don’t think it is ideal, what are some concessions Republicans can and should make in order to move the country forward?

Do you believe deficit spending is immoral?  If so, and understanding the other side controls half of congress, what would you propose to achieve a balanced budget that would make it through congress?

What percent of GDP should the National Budget be balanced at?


Do you approve of the Seniority system in the Senate?




Our Monthly Meeting

Our scheduled monthly membership meetings are held on the 4th Sunday of each month
Time: 2pm
The Salem Church Branch of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library
2607 Salem Church Road
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

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