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Below is a comment I posted on Rob Wittman's Facebook Page this morning.  I would like your feedback on this approach.  Voting for one penny to implement Obamacare should be disqualifying for holding office.  I will forward Rob's reply when I get it.  If I don't see something by the end of the day, I will call.


"Rob, Voting to Repeal Obamacare might be a "feel good" vote, but it will have no real effect, because the Senate would never pass it and Obama wouldn't sign it.  The House really needs to use the power of the purse to actually stop its implementation.  The House should pass all 2013 Appropriations Bills by the end of Sept except for HHS.  The HHS Appropriations should fund the Department except for any funds implementing Obamacare.  I don't see how Democrats could use this to blame any kind of a shutdown on the House since you would have funded everything except Obamacare.  Unless there is some flaw in this thinking, I would expect you to not only sponsor such an approach but to be a leader in persuading any of your reluctant colleagues to push it also.  Voting on the 2013 budget will be the key to 2012 Congressional elections.  There will be no excuse for a Continuing Resolution this year."

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