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In 2009 the General Assembly established the George Washington Toll Road Authority which encompasses the jurisdictions of the City of Fredericksburg and the County of Spotsylvania.  In its charter (that cannot be found at its official website it has the following powers:


2. To acquire and hold real or personal property necessary for its purposes;

3. To sell, lease or otherwise dispose of any personal or real property or rights, easements or estates therein deemed by the Authority not necessary for its purposes;

6. To acquire by the exercise of the power of eminent domain any lands, property, rights, rights-of-way, franchises, easements and other property, including public lands, parks, playgrounds, reservations, highways, or parkways, or parts thereof or rights therein, of any person, copartnership, association, railroad, public service, public utility or other corporation, or of any municipality, county or other political subdivision, deemed necessary for the construction or the efficient operation of the Project

14. To enter upon any lands, waters and premises for the purpose of making such surveys, soundings, borings and examinations as the Authority may deem necessary for its purposes, and such entry shall not be deemed a trespass, nor shall an entry for such purposes be deemed an entry upon any condemnation proceedings;




The question is this: is this acceptable for us?  And more importantly is it in line with our Constitutional principles?

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Thank you Mathew for posing this question.

No this is not acceptable to me nor should it be to any property owner. This is no more than legalized theft.

People are not paying attention. They don't realize that the government has already started to take away everything we own.

If we don't stand up and fight back now it will soon be to late.

Jerry Logan Courtland district supervisor believes those laws should be applied by the commissioner to each case before the commission, with the needs of the larger community as his or her guide. This says to me that Jerry Logan doesn't believe in the individual's right to hold and own property.

Elect David Ross to Courtland Supervisor.

I agree there are some politicians out there who wear party stamps, but do not hold to party principles.  It should be noted that Delegate Bobby Orrock was the chief patron of this piece of legislation in 2009.  This was his "puppy" so to speak.

Come to the November 7th Public Hearing of the George Washington Toll Road Authority at 6:30pm at 406 Princess Anne St.  There I will layout my advocacy that the Authority go to their respective Delegates, Senators, and Local Governments to recommend that this Authority be dissolved, that the Transportation Solutions of this area not dissolve our citizen's property rights, and that it should not benefit special interest groups.  Stand against this Establishment!

Good questions.  The way I read this, the Authority could take Spotsylvania County land (I mean owned by the County).  I never considered that eminent domain could include one jurisdiction,


Good luck tomorrow.


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