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We Can't All Be Washingtons, But We Can All Be Patriots!

Here in Spotsylvania we have four Christian conservatives running for supervisor, and a Christian conservative running for State Senate, all supporting property rights. As we stand on the precipice of one of the most important elections locally in decades, what we do or don't do for this election will affect our lives for decades to come. Property rights, taxes and parental rights just to name a few. As I stand here fatigued from all of the door knocking, phone calling, fundraising, luncheons, food preparation, endless meetings, town halls, forums, securing sign locations, running campaigns, protests, rallies and marching in parades, I can only hope that future generations will realize how much some of us have sacrificed for their freedom. As the light that America shines on the world grows ever darker, what will you say that you did to protect freedom? FREEDOM ISN'T FREE

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Thanks Nora for taking the time to read this.


I think a lot of people are doing things in there own way to help turn the tide, but no one is out working you, Dale.  Thanks for all that you do. 

Thanks Tim. We need to poll the membership and ask WHAT THEY DID FOR FREEDOM IN THIS ELECTION?

If we don't get conservatives in office soon we won't have a country to go home to.

ooops.  Should have been 'their'.

Dale, Thanks to you and the many others who have sacrificed and spent many hours talking with people, door knocking, writing, calling, etc. The results were pretty good. We can always be better. We have a few more elections in the coming year so take a brief break, rest up and let's work at the next ones (Presidential primary-March 6 (Super Tuesday), State Primary-June 12, General Election-November 6, 2012).


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