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Minutes of the Fredericksburg Virginia Patriots (FVP) meeting held on Sunday October 22, 2017 in Classroom “A” of the Salem Church Library Fredericksburg, Virginia


Prior to the official opening of the meeting FVP members and guests enjoyed a chicken lunch provided by the FVP and NRA-ILA.  The classroom was decorated in a patriotic fashion and food and drinks was delicious and refreshing.  Several members participated in NRA-ILA candidate phone banking calls prior to the official start of the meeting.  Hats, T-shirts and other items were provided to those who contributed to the NRA-ILA-FVP phone calling effort. 


The meeting opened at 1:45pm with the following board members present:  Chairman MichaEl Hirsch, Vice Chairman Dale Swanson, Legislative Chair Les Gabriel, Events Chair Mike Smith, Secretary Anna Yearsley and Membership Chair Charles Sulser.  Treasurer David Jackson was absent.


A total of 40 people were in attendance with the majority being FVP members.


NOTE:  Mike Smith is serving as the FVP acting secretary until another candidate is identified and approved.


A quorum was reached and the meeting proceeded as planned. Bob Davis opened with the invocation and Hard L led the Pledge of Allegiance. Nick Ignacio read the FVP Core Principles.  A motion to approve the minutes of the 24 September 2017 general membership meeting was voted on and unanimously approved. 


The chairman thanked everyone for attending and introduced the group to Cathy Gillespie, the wife of Virginia candidate for Governor Ed Gillespie, who joined us for lunch and spoke to the group regarding her husband’s candidacy and the importance of the election scheduled for Tuesday 7 November 2017.   Chairman Hirsch thanked Anna for her service to FVP and presented her with a FVP challenge coin.  Britton Ross from the NRA-ILA was also thanked for contributing to the lunch and her service with FVP.  Nick Ignacio was thanked for heading up the FVP support to the NRA-ILA.  The NRA-ILA-FVP relationship was strong this election season with significant success in both phone calling and door knocking campaigns in support of the NRA endorsed candidates for governor, Lt Governor and attorney general. 



Legislative Chair Les Gabriel spoke on legislative issues and provided a legislative report.


Membership Chair Charles Sulser reported 64 paid members and 15 new members.


Spotsylvania County delegate from the 88th district, Mark Cole provided an update on his campaign.


Spotsylvania County Lee Hill supervisor candidate Mike Berry provided an update on his campaign.  


Spotsylvania County Berkeley supervisor candidate Debbie Curcie provided an update on her campaign.


Vice Chair Dale Swanson thanked everyone for attending and provided an update on local activities to include the importance of working the polling stations on Tuesday 7 November.  She also asked members to attend the BOS meeting scheduled for Tuesday 24 October and the candidate forum scheduled for Monday 23 October at the Salem Church library starting at 6:30pm.  She also asked members to support our endorsed candidates and remove the current sitting candidates in those elections.  


Events Chair Mike Smith provided an update on FVP events to include Pancakes with the Patriots, a FOIA to SCPS on the creation of the Spotsylvania School Board Advisory Committee (SBAC), attendance at a recent BOS meeting and speaking on the FY19 county and SCPS budgets, a Constitution Day LTE to the FLS, and the results of a recent Spotsylvania County Berkeley District debate held on Tuesday 10 October.  An update on these topics and a FVP summarized review of the SCPS Evergreen Study will be presented at the next general membership meeting.  Mike stressed we must stay within our principles and support our president in the face of an unfair and unreasonable media.  Our U.S. Constitution and our FVP core principles are timeless and enduring and we will respond to those who threaten them. Mike also thanked Anna for her service to FVP and reminded everyone that campaign signs in garages do not get any votes. He also hopes we can get out our brooms and hope for a candidate sweep on the election to be held on Tuesday 7 November 2017.

A treasurer’s report was not provided due to David Jackson’s absence.


Chairman Hirsch closed by thanking everyone for attending and by welcoming our newest patriot Martin “Scott” Catino.  The FLS LTE deadline for election candidates is Monday 30 October 2017.  The meeting ended at 3:45pm and members were asked to assist with the clean-up of the room and to continue any discussions carried over from the meeting.  


The next meeting of the FVP is scheduled for Sunday 26 November 2017 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm in classroom A of the Salem Church Library. 

Respectfully Submitted,


Michael P. Smith

FVP Events Chair

FVP Acting Secretary

Last updated by Rev. MichaEl Hirsch Oct 24, 2017.

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