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My support for Dale Swanson, nominee for Vice Chair...

My fellow Patriots,

“It is my pleasure to express my support for Dale Swanson as she has announced her nomination for Vice Chair of the Fredericksburg Virginia Patriots.

Dale’s credentials as a conservative warrior need little mention from me. I first met Dale while working with the Spotsylvania Victory Office during the recent campaigns of Senator Reeves, former Attorney General Cuccinelli, Senator Mark Obenshain and Rev. E.W. Jackson.

As a local grassroots organizer Dale’s contributions, while serving as Vice Chair of FVP this last year has been extremely valuable to the Executive Committee as well as to our entire FVP membership. She has stood as a strong voice for our Founding Principles, both in the Tea Party as well as in the Republican Party of Virginia.

It was also my pleasure to be invited and introduced to the Spotsylvania Republican Women’s Club while Dale served as President.

Make no mistake about it, Dale Swanson is the quintessential citizen lobbyist who attacks issues and addresses candidates and elected representatives with unrelenting tenacity as she promotes the Core Values of the FVP as well as lives by the beliefs of the Republican Creed of Virginia.

Allow me to point out that Dale will be the first to tell you that:

Principles > Personalities + Positions + Partisanship + Prestige + Possessions + Popularity  + …

Most recently Dale has worked tirelessly to help secure the election of Fred Gruber and nomination of Dave Brat, both of whom were FVP Endorsed candidates.

I am pleased to express my support for Dale as she seeks to serve the FVP as Vice Chair in the next full term and should she be elected I look forward to working with her in the future.”

Rev. MichaEl Hirsch


Last updated by Rev. MichaEl Hirsch Jun 24, 2014.

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