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Substitute minutes FPV monthly meeting notes for Sunday 26 June 2016


  1. Chairman Hirsch called the meeting to order at 2:15pm.  Welcome of guests.  Quorum met.  Approximately 15 members present.  Absent FVP BOD members:  Dale, Charles, David, Anna?  Invocation:  Mike Smith

  2. Pledge:  Paul Trampe

  3. Reading of the core principles:  Debbie Smith

  4. Candidates, Reports, Presentations, Committee chairs;

  1. Events chair:  Mike Smith provided an update on past, present and future events.  Spotsylvania County Stars and Stripes spectacular event at the court house area from 2:00pm – 8:00pm.  FVP materials will be handed out.  SCRC Casino night scheduled for Friday 16 September 2016.  Please see Mike Smith for information.  An event to host David Brat is in early discussions. 

  2. Legislative report:  Les provided an update.  Discussed the bathroom letter to local school boards.  Virginia Family Foundation petition read by the Chairman Hirsch.  A motion to endorse the petition and send to our local school board was voted on and unanimously passed.

  3. Petition of Grievances:  Jeremiah provided an update.  Facebook boosts have helped spread the petition.  The petition can be viewed on-line at

  4. Presentations:  Michelle Trampe provided a 30 minute presentation on Human Trafficking and Smuggling.  Contact Michelle Trampe for additional information.

  5. Terry Cooper from ONEVIRGINIA2021 provided a 30 minute presentation with PowerPoint slides on the topic of redistricting reform in Virginia.  Additional information can be found at

  6. MichaEl provided the treasures report. 

  7. The minutes of the May 2016 monthly meeting were approved.

  8. The FVP vetting committee recommends the endorsement of David Brat for re-election to Congress in the 7th District.  A motion to endorse David Brat was made and was voted on and unanimously passed. 

  9. Chairman Hirsch provided a report on the Trump event he attended in NYC.  Intelligent and sincere answers were provided by Mr. Trump to the questions he was provided.  1000 evangelical leaders from the across the United States attended the one day event.

  10. The announcement was made that regarding the nominating report to the FVP Board of Directors on 16 June 2016 that all those who are nominated are those who are currently serving in FVP Board of Director positions.   

  11. A motion to adjourn was made and passed.  Meeting adjourned at 4:15pm.

Submitted by Mike Smith (thanks Debbie!) Approved by Chairman as posted herein

Last updated by Rev. MichaEl Hirsch Jul 5, 2016.

Our Monthly Meeting

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