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I have been following the op-eds regarding privatizing of the Virginia ABC stores and I find it to be the very type issue that Patriots, regardless of political party, should rally around. The debate should not center on whether state stores are profitable, will become more/less profitable, or whether people will drink more. We have no laws against alcohol consumption and no exhaustive research to indicate that, under state run stores, we have magically reached the optimal level of alcohol consumption for Virginia. The issue is a Constitutional one. Is there a compelling reason that the state should be in the liquor business? I believe the answer is "no". If the only reason is profit then there is an endless stream of businesses that the state could take over to bring in added revenue (but shouldn't). Government is not the answer.

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Comment by Bryce E. Thorpe on October 17, 2010 at 8:40am
Thanks for the comment Stan. I am not a fan of the lottery period since it tends to be a tax on poor people and people who are bad at math. However, certainly if a private company could run the lottery for Virginia, they should. The challenge is that, following the opposing logic (thinking Virginia should run ABC stores), then you would have to concede that Virginia should monopolize any business in which they could make a profit.

However, your point is well made that if the government doesn't control all of our businesses, then they have to tax us for the revenue required to run government. Fortunately, with smaller government, we typically have less revenue required and greater personal wealth with which to pay taxes.

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