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Dave...thanks for sharing the info on the amendments. I think it highlights some of the challenges we often face as a society. Many of the things proposed appeal to the generous nature of most people. However, the reality is that we have numerous programs already in place to provide support and financial assistance to the elderly, disabled, and to veterans. I am a veteran; rated 70% disabled, and certainly appreciate the sacrifice of those who have defended our country. Unfortunately, most of the programs aren't logically thought through. After all, who would be so ungrateful as to deny a veteran a tax break? The truth is, disabled veterans should be and are compensated through the VA. An additional tax break should be unnecessary. Likewise with those 65 or older or permanently and totally disabled. It sounds heartless to say no to such a proposal. However, if we want to provide support to those permanently and totally disabled, the tax code is not the mechanism for doing that. Provide them fair support and let them pay their taxes. Those 65 and older are a whole different matter. Plan for the future and for your own retirement. It is not the government's job to provide for you. We simply cannot continue to champion smaller government and yet expect concessions for those issues which affect us or tug at our heartstrings. These are issues for families and individuals to work through.

The "rainy day" fund is a little tougher. I have often thought we should run government budgets like we run our own. During times of feast, we should be saving a little so that, when famine comes, we aren't raising taxes (which never becomes temporary). I certainly don't know what the right percentage is and I recognize that it is the people's money. However, it probably isn't practical to adjust my tax rates every year to reflect changes in the prior year's economic climate. Just my thoughts...

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Comment by John M. Lorenzo, Jr. on October 20, 2010 at 11:55am
When it comes to Constitutional Ammendments, I am very cautious. Thank you for your comments, as I find them to be well thought out. There are certainly pro's and con's to every choice. I am still uncommitted as how to vote on these ammendments. I can certainly see some benefit with each ammendment, but like you, I wonder if these ammendments are the right way to tackle the problem.

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