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Jon Melendez, Young Republicans Chair give endorsement on FB to Rev. Hirsch for Chairman of FVP...

Today, I am pleased to endorse MichaEl Hirsch for Chairman of the Fredericksburg Patriots.  His lifetime of service to our Lord and our community is one to be admired.  As the Senior Pastor of Calvary Christian Church, Pastor Mike has brought the message of Christ to many residents.  He has also worked with the Church to improve the lives of those in India, Bhutan, Columbia and elsewhere.
He my passion and belief in our conservative values and is committed into seeing them become governing principles once again.  Personally, I’ve been very active within the conservative movement now for a couple of years.  And Pastor Mike has always been in the front lines, speaking out on the issues that matter most to him.  He understands as I do that it is high time for a restoration of our God given rights and the good Pastor will stand up to anyone who gets in-between you and your freedoms.
As a member of the Fredericksburg Patriots, I will vote for Pastor Michael Hirsch for Chairman of the Fredericksburg Patriots.  Please join me at the Salem Church Library at 2 PM tomorrow to do the same.  Thank you!
In Liberty, Jon Melendez – Chairman of the Fredericksburg Area Young Republicans

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