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Scott Cooper Supports Rev. Hirsch for Chairman in blog...

As stated in Reflections From The Burg


"Now to the main point:

This weekend The Fredericksburg Patriots are having their leadership election, where there are two candidates running for the position of Chairman.  You must be a paid member in order to vote, $ 20 per year for an individual and $ 30 for a couple).  I would strongly encourage you to attend this meeting, hear the plans of both men, vote and get engaged in helping steer this ship we call civil governance.  If you aren’t engaged yet, consider this.
I am friends with both men, and have an appreciation for both of them; however having observed and personally worked with both, I support Michael Hirsh. 
I believe each individual has gifts and talents which should be used for this movement; however at this point in the game, I believe a couple of things are critical for whomever is “leading the charge.” 
  • First, as I stated prior to being in a leadership position with FVP myself, as well as last year when my term was up, rotation of leadership is critical.  It is important that we consistently seek fresh blood and new ideas.  The other candidate has served on the FVP board for over three years.
  • Second, building coalitions with other groups is critical to our long term success.  I have witnessed Michael build coalitions with groups outside the Tea Party successfully not only at the local level, but throughout the state.
  • Finally, as we have seen, our movement has and will continue to come under attack, often not only from the left but often from those we think would be our friends.  Sadly, these conflicts often make it into the public eyesight.  As a result, it is important that those we ask to lead will articulate our ideas clearly and concisely in the public arena.  This position is the face of the entire organization.  I have watched Michael in the civic arena for over two years.  He is a man who is not only concise and articulate on our issues, but as a pastor of Calvary Christian Church and founder of Emmanuel Faith Christian School he has a track record of public speaking, which I believe we need at this point."

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