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We Can't All Be Washingtons, But We Can All Be Patriots!

Thanks for taking the time to read my ideas for the future of the FVP. Just a brief background about who I am for starters. I’m 35, married, have two sons, live in Spotsylvania, own a couple of small successful businesses, and proudly serve as a Spotsylvania volunteer firefighter and just recently passed my EMT class. I have a bachelors degree from Marymount University in criminal justice. I became Chairman April this year when our wonderful former Chairman (Mike Berry who served during a time of great growth for us) moved to a different area. At the time I was serving as the Vice Chairman. My visions for the FVP:

Firstly the Chair is not the Leader, rather he is the ultimate servant of whatever organization they Chair, this is a very important distinction that many Chairmen and Chairwomen forget or misunderstand. I will continue to make preparations for all of our members for any circumstances that may arise. During the recent pandemic, I secured any and all needed supplies for our membership and handed it out for free. Many of you all can recall the bags of supplies I put together for you, your families, and coworkers, especially during a time when it was impossible to find. All the PPE and hand sanitizer any member needs is still available for them at no cost and can pick up at any of our meeting or come to my door.

The second amendment has and always will be my biggest issue as it will never cease to be under siege for a multitude of reasons. My goal is to continue to partner with groups such as the VCDL and retailers to not only protect the second amendment but push back on the gun grabbers. I would like to have a second amendment subcommittee formed to monitor and respond to the continuing assault on our God given right to self defense. Our members should know that their second amendment rights will be protected!

Growth and recruitment! We all know how important politics are and how consequential politics can be, but sometimes it’s hard to reach out and energize people. I have many ideas on how to reach every segment of the population and inspire them based upon their interests. We can and will be everywhere. Many large community yard sales charge only $10 to have a table set up for the entire event. We can fund raise while reaching the general populous in these ways. Even farmers markets allow us an opportunity to do the same. Our presence can be anywhere from car shows, guns shows, beer fests, pet adoptions, ect. By sponsoring events also, we can get our name out there.

As this particular region’s Tea Party, we have a great opportunity and expectation to live upto. We can’t all be Washington, but we can all be Patriots. Our founding fathers were not afraid to hold rallies and if needed protest. There is a lot to protest at this time, and I want to seek out members who enjoy and have experience protesting and rallying to lead a subcommittee to alert us to, and bring about gatherings when needed. There is something inherently brave and admirable about protesting. It’s in our American culture, and if harnessed correctly, a small number can have a large impact.

When it comes to sales or selling an idea, it takes the average person multiple times to be exposed to a message. My vision is to see the FVP become a statewide household name. No matter what, people will always respect to some degree, people who are ready to stand and fight for a cause, even if they don’t articulate it. In the past we have taken up causes that were both noble and well viewed and received, we should continue to keep an eye out for such causes.

To sum up what my vision and platform is for the FVP, it is a continuation of who we are, with an accelerated growth due to the changing times, opportunities available, and a fresh new direction. The FVP can be an example of steady and prepared people coming together to face any event. An organization that our region can rely on and look to for calm during the coming storms.

I am asking for your vote because I know I can serve you, your families, our organization, and region in the fashion that is deserved. I will always be the servant that our wonderful organization needs.

Voting will be this Sunday, July 26th, at 10am till 11am. It will be held outside for the safety of our members, and be held as early as reasonably possible to avoid the severe heat. As many of you know, July is the hottest month, and 3pm is the hottest time of the day. Refreshments, chairs, and shade will be readily available, and members can vote immediately upon arrival between 10am to 11am.  Afterwards we will have a cook out and hear from our new board. As always, feel free to take any personal protective equipment or hand sanitizer home. The address is 1912 Coleman lane, Fredericksburg VA 22407.

-Nick Ignacio
FVP Chairman
(540) 842-1419

Last updated by Nick G Ignacio Jul 20, 2020.

Our Monthly Meeting

Our scheduled monthly membership meetings are held on the 4th Sunday of each month
Time: 2pm
The Salem Church Branch of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library
2607 Salem Church Road
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

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